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Pond Park Primary School, Lisburn

BBC School Choir of the Year

11th Apr 2019

Sunday morning saw us all up and well groomed, ready to head off at 9.30am and head into the Ulster Hall in Belfast. This was a big day for the SCOTY Choir. We had been working towards this since January. The pupils looked so smart and Mr Cherry and myself had made an effort too! We had successfully sung our way to the final of the BBC Radio Ulster School Choir of the year. This is the third time Pond Park have entered the competition, having won in 2015 and runners up in 2017.

We were all very excited. After our sound check we headed over to Blackstaff House and ate our lunch , trying to relax. Meanwhile all the parents and friends were gathering at the Ulster Hall to take their seats for what was going to be an exciting afternoon.

Such a high standard of music. We were all spellbound by the choirs who sang against us. Our first two songs over we waited to see if we had made it to the ‘Sing-off’. They announced the final two choirs…Eblington Primary and…Pond Park. We were so thrilled and knew that we had to now go and sing like never before. It was our turn. We sang ‘The Circle of Life’. The choir could not have performed any better. They were amazing. So to were Eblington!

The judges went out to make their decision. The announcement was made. It was nail biting stuff.

‘The winner of the BBC Primary  School Choir of the Year 2019 is … Ebrington Primary’. Cheers for the winning choir rang out. Unfortunately it was not for us. The winning choir were superb and we congratulate them on their awesome achievement.

However as one of the PPPS pupils said, ’Well, we are second in the country Mrs Kerr, I’ll take that’ and yes I will too. What an incredible achievement Pond Park. Our standard of musicianship remains at the highest level. Mr Cherry and I are justly proud of our children. Yes, you made me cry! Their hard work, dedication and commitment paid off. We salute you! An amazing day, an amazing experience and an amazing choir.